Monday, December 15, 2014

Custom Twin Bunnies

This is my "Sweet Little Bunny" pattern

 This is one bunny:

 This is the other bunny:

These are truly Twin Bunnies because in person it is difficult to tell one from the other.

From nose to tail they measure 6 inches long
From front feet to top of head they measure 4 inches high
Ears measure 3 inches
I used the garment lining for the paw pads and ear lining
Glass eyes
Gently hand painted details
Wire lining in ears
Double jointed neck
Unique jointed ears that allow for many different ear positions

I am "retiring" my Sweet Little Bunny pattern ... these are my last two bunnies from this pattern for a long while, if not forever. I will be designing a new bunny pattern in 2015. 

Update May 20, 2015: I guess I lied about "retiring" my bunny pattern because it was requested  for another custom order ... so here it is again...
I think the pattern will just be on a brief hiatus (to be used whenever requested), this pattern is just to good (and popular) to put away

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