Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Custom Order #13

For Janis

This was my last teddy bear of 2017. It took me a long long time to complete but it turned out beautifully! It is just a very sweet teddy.
To see photos of the creation of this teddy just click here

Features of Custom Teddy (pattern #1):

Bears stands 11 inches tall (sits 8 inches)
black glass eyes
embroidered waxed and sealed nose
6 joints including a double jointed neck
hand-stitched vintage minks from pelts from family mink stole 
scissor sculpted face
gently hand-painted details
paw pads from stole's lining
stuffing: polyfil 

Sitting pad for teddy:
from stole's lining
one side has stole owner's embroidered name
other side has the mink's label

I was packing up teddy to travel back home and as I was sorting through the remaining mink scraps to pack up I found these 3 wonderful buttons that were on the mink stole. I strung them on a some red twine and they would make a lovely necklace for teddy to wear.