Friday, September 21, 2018

Custom Order #16

Special custom order for Pat ...
Laughing dog

This is a One Of A Kind dog for my long-time collector and friend, Pat.
Pat requested this a few years ago and I have to thank her for her patience.
I did have to make alterations to one of my rarely used dog patterns 
so I was not sure how it would turn out ... but I am pleasantly surprised with this dog that appears, at least to me, to be laughing.

*** Please don't ask for a custom dog if you are on my Custom Order Waiting List ... I have to restrict my Custom Order to teddies only due to the large backlog that I have for my custom heirloom service ***

Embroidered, waxed, and sealed nose.

Glass eyes
Ultrasuede tongue

Ultrasuede paw pads

Wire armature in arms and legs for gentle posing

6 joints including a 

Double jointed neck for a charming head tilt

Can stand on all four legs

Pat wanted a heart on the tummy ...

This is one of my rare larger dogs.
I originally designed my dogs as companions for my teddies bears, 
so my companion dogs are smaller next to sit next to my teddies

Standing height: 11 inches

Sitting height: 8 1/2 inches

Gently hand-painted detailing

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