Monday, February 4, 2019

Custom Order #17

for Debra

Twin custom mink teddies
(pattern #1)

Features of Custom Teddy (pattern #1):

Bears stands 11 inches tall (sits 8 inches)
black glass eyes
embroidered, waxed, and sealed nose
6 joints including a double jointed neck
hand-stitched vintage minks from family's mink stole
scissor sculpted face
gently hand-painted details
wire armature in arms and legs
paw pads from the stole's lining
stuffing: polyfil and plastic pellets

These darling faces are why I fall in love with each and every teddy that I make.
As long as I love my teddies myself I will continue to make them, 
this is my 31st year as a Teddy Bear Artist ... 
and still counting!

Thank you to all everyone on my Waiting List for being so patient. 
I am not making my teddies as fast as I used to
but at least I am still making them.

included is a hand-stitched "quilt" for the teddies to sit on,
made from the lining of the mink stole.

To see the Work In Progress photo documentation of the making of these twin teddies ... Please CLICK HERE