Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Companion puppy

for custom teddy #15

I am so glad I have a website where I can look up some of my past work ... like this puppy (it has been a few years since I've made one of these puppies ... I couldn't even remember what the adoption fee was).

The following description is copied from my Gallery Website:

Features of puppy

  • hand stitched vintage mink
  • designed to sit (5 inches)
  • can also stand on all fours
  • 7 inches when standing on two legs
  • black glass eyes
  • 6 joints, including a double jointed neck
  • embroidered, waxed, sculpted, and sealed
  • leather and/or ultrasuede paw pads
  • wire armature in arms, legs, and tail
  • gently hand painted detailing
  • Adoption fee (for solid beige or brown puppies): $395 USD (plus shipping)