Friday, December 5, 2014

Striped Pajamas

Custom-made Teddy Bear

This is a custom made pattern specifically created for the two mink garments
that were sent to me to create Heirloom Teddy Bears

6 joints including a double jointed neck

The paw pads were created from the velvet lining from the mink coat
Wire armature in arms and legs

Glass eyes

Embroidered, waxed and sealed nose
Gentle hand painted detailing

This teddy was created from a very unusual mink coat
which makes the teddy look like it is "wearing striped pajamas"

The teddy was created from a mink stole and a mink coat in different colors

This is one of my rare "large" teddies ... standing 13 1/2 inches tall

This teddy was created from a very unusual mink coat so I recorded a visual journey of its transformation to a teddy bear ... CLICK HERE to see its creation

Updated teddy:
As requested I have painted the light area in the front of the teddy.
As I explained, I did not plan that pattern ... as you can see if you look at my photo diary of the making of this teddy. In answer to your question about the paint, my best answer is that I have been painting details on my teddies and other animals for the past twenty years with no complaints about the paint rubbing off. Since my teddies are Adult Collectibles and not intended to be used as toys, these teddies should be displayed and not handled excessively.

You will also see when you finally receive the teddy that in the area in question, it just happens that that is an area where the leather happened to meet ... also not planned ... but the hairs are long enough that it covers the leather.

Please note that transforming a two dimensional geometric pattern onto a three dimensional teddy bear is mainly a matter of trial, error, and trying to match unusually placed seams from the original garment ... which is exactly why I made a photo diary of the making of this teddy.

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