Friday, September 12, 2014

Two Custom Teddy Bears

Two Custom Heirloom Teddy Bears for Melody

I created two custom teddy bears from Melody's 
family heirloom gunmetal grey mink stole.

Working with this mink stole was a little bit of a challenge:
the pelts were not very wide
the skins were thin
the hairs were thin and sparse
the mink stole was small

So I was not sure how large the teddies were going to be 
because if this was my mink I would have used it for
very small teddies. But instead I chose one of my larger
patterns (10 inch) and redesigned it into more pieces to 
accommodate the smaller pelt width. 
So even though these teddies are a bit scruffier than my usual plush teddies
(that have longer fluffier hairs). I think these two teddies are charming!

These teddies have a few extras:
I hand embroidered "Billie" and hearts on their foot pads.
The stole lining had pretty blue flowers so I used
them on the paw pads.

I also made each teddy long neck scarves from 
the stole's lining. This is to accommodate a pin and tac
collection by the owner.

Features of these teddies:
  • 10 inch teddy (standing) 7 inches (sitting)
  • Vintage gunmetal gray mink
  • paw pads from lining
  • embroidered paw pads
  • embroidered waxed and sealed nose
  • wire armature in limbs