Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Custom Teddy Bear

Custom Teddy Bear 

for Karen

Created from this collector's mink jacket.

I used one of my favorite patterns ... the same pattern
that I used for the Mother in my Mother-Daughter Polar Bear Set.

This teddy stands 11 1/2 inches high
and sits 8 1/2 inches high
has a double jointed neck, glass eyes,
embroidered waxed and sealed nose,
wire armature in arms and legs,
for the paw and foot pads I used
the velvet that was used for the jacket pockets.

I hope Karen thinks this teddy was worth the wait. 
I appreciate her patience.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Miniature Donkey (mink)

Introducing my first 

Miniature Donkey (in mink)

These are the updated photos of my first Miniature Donkey
in gray mink ... with its final paint detailing
(with crossed stripe down back and ear detailing)

This is the very first pattern that I designed of an animal with hooves

These are photos of my donkey ... 

work in progress:

I'm very pleased with my prototype!

This is my prototype ... almost finished ... I just have to 
complete with some final details with some hand-painting.
I will post the final photos when completed.

Donkey stands 6 inches tall plus 2 inch ears
Length from nose to tail is 6 inches
jointed and wired ears
double jointed neck
stationary wired legs
ultrasuede hooves
glass eyes

Baby miniature donkey photos that were my inspiration:

Thank you, Laura, for sending me these Miniature Donkey facts:
The majority of donkeys have a cross at the withers that runs down the shoulders and back. Miniature Donkeys usually have a white muzzle and white markings around their eyes know as "points".  

Most donkeys, regardless of coat color, will have dorsal stripes and shoulder crosses, dark ear marks, as well as the "light points" - white muzzle and eye rings, and  white belly and inner leg   

Giant Mink Moth

 I love to challenge myself with new designs ... here is my giant mink moth:

Body measures almost 8 inches long
Wing span is about 15 inches
The body is mink and the wings are silk
legs are wire

Real giant moths are amazingly beautiful...