Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Bunnies

My Christmas Bunnies

are here to wish everyone a "Hoppy Christmas!"

Sorry ... Both Bunnies were quickly adopted ... Merry Christmas to all!!!

This is Bunny #3564 .... Available for Adoption

Christmas Bunny #3564

Both Bunnies come with a red cashmere and white mink Santa Hat
They look adorable either wearing the hat 

or being tucked into the hat
They are also wearing a jingle bell necklace

Both bunnies have my unique jointed ears
with a simple twist the bunny has either 
straight up ears or lop-ears

Features of Bunnies:
  • Jointed ears
  • Double jointed neck
  • Brown mink and ultrasuede
  • Glass eyes
  • 6 inches from tail to nose (width)
  • 4 1/2 inches from feet to top of head (height) ... not including ears
  • Ears are wired and 3 1/4 inches
  • Adoption fee : $250.00 USD plus shipping ($15.00 for USA or $35 for outside of USA ... this includes tracking and full insurance) ... this is a discounted price to read the story on these bunnies please go to my Blog:

Please go to this page to see my payment and shipping policies: click here
Layaway is also available ... click here for more information and to contact me



This is Bunny #3565 ... Available for Adoption

This bunny is a "twin" to Bunny #3564 so
please see the description above ...

Christmas Bunny #3565