Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Custom Spotted Puppy

for Laura .... custom order from her crosscut mink coat

This is a larger version of my original dog pattern that was intended as a companion to my teddy bears (so it was smaller). This puppy sits 8 inches (stands 10 inches). This dog as 6 joints including a double jointed neck. It also has glass eyes and I included something new on this puppy... eyelids. The nose is embroidered, waxed, sculpted and sealed. The paw pads are trapunto ultrasuede. The limbs have wire armature for gentle posing. 

I am very very happy with this puppy and I hope Laura will be too!

Laura has named her puppy "Pepper"

This concludes Laura's 3 animal custom order that she waited so very long for. Thank you, Laura, for your patience!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Custom Skunk

For Laura
created from her cross-cut mink coat

Laura has named her unusual skunk "Pepe"

 6 inches high while sitting

Tail is 5 1/2 inches long
Tail has wire armature to curve it
but it is too large to allow the skunk to stand alone

glass eyes
embroidered, waxed, and sealed nose

I tried to alternate the black and white areas when I was laying out the pattern pieces
but once I stuffed the skunk the black and white blended into an overall grey color

I added a white mink stripe to the tail to give it a more skunk-like appearance.
The basic tail was created from the chevron pattern in the crosscut mink coat.

7 1/2 inches standing

I did not give this skunk my usual double jointed neck
because I thought it would make the neck area too long

I actually cut the pelt so there would be a white stripe down
the back ... but when stuffed it became less obvious.

This is a very unique ... definitely One Of A Kind ... custom made skunk.

Laura actually requested two skunks from her crosscut mink. So I will see if she likes this one enough to have me make another (of course, a second would look very different from this one due to the random patterns in the crosscut mink pelts).

No, one unique skunk is enough ... I agree with that!
Laura has decided that she would prefer a spotted dog ... 
I think that is an excellent choice because I love my spotted dogs!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Laura's Custom Order

This is the photo journey of the creation of Laura's Custom Order.
She requested a skunk from her crosscut mink.
 I made adjustments to my skunk pattern 
and I tried to place my pattern pieces so there would be 
some white and some black on each pattern piece.
Well, after stuffing the pieces I had sewn 
everything has blended into a gray rather than distinct black and white areas. 

So I did more research and I did find that domestic skunks have been
bred produce unusual colors ... like lavendar, apricot, and chocolate chip.

Laura's Custom Skunks will definitely be One-Of-A-Kind creations!