Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Custom Teddy ...

#3615 for Jan

Trapunto paw pads were requested for this teddy
Please note: this is a special request
that adds to the time and cost of each custom teddy.
So if you are sending me your family mink stole to be
transformed into a teddy bear my standard paw is created from 
the stole or jacket lining and this trapunto paw pad is an upgrade.

CLICK HERE to see this teddy's creation

CLICK HERE to see the details of this teddy since
it is the same pattern as the first teddy that I created using these same minks.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Custom Teddy ...

from the unusual geometric patterned mink ...

To try to satisfy the following request:

"When you make this next bear, hopefully there won't be a light spot in between the legs. 
Please check for that before you cut if you can.  Thanks."

I laid out the pattern with the bottom front of the teddy in the dark triangle of mink and also following the correct direction of the (downward) hair growth ... 

... this will be the pattern on the front of the teddy body:

Another request was for Trapunto Paw Pads on this teddy. 
For anyone that is considering having me make them Custom Teddies from their mink please be aware that the standard paws for my Custom Teddy is to use the lining from the mink garment for a basic paw pad.
A Trapunto Paw Pad, while not difficult, is very time consuming because there is a lot of extra hand-sewing because each toe is outlined in tiny hand sewn stitches and then each toe is individually stuffed for a 3-D effect. So doing this for each of the 4 paw pads can add several hours on to the construction time ... so there is an extra charge for this style of paw pad.

The basic head has been completed ... just needs ears and final detailing.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Five Custom Teddy Bears

Features of the "Mother" teddy pattern:
~ Hand-stitched vintage mink ~
~ Mother bear stands 12 inches tall ~
~ Interior is lined for extra durability ~
~ Glass eyes ~
~ Gently hand-painted details ~
~ Embroidered, waxed and sealed nose ~
~ Wire armature in arms and legs for gentle posing ~
~ 6 joints including a double jointed neck which allows for an adorable head tilt ~
~ Paw pads from the black leather belt ~
~ Includes a bonus: a mat for each of the teddies to sit on that was created from the lining ~

Each teddy will have a mat created from the coat lining. 
Each mat will have one of the beautiful coat buttons 
sewn on the corner.

To see photo journey of the creation of these teddies please CLICK HERE

I'm delighted to say that Carla was very happy with her family of teddy bears and sent me this lovely email when she received her box of bears:

Hi Kathy
I just received the bears. I’ve only opened one so far….
It brought tears to my eyes. It is absolutely adorable.
So beautiful!!!!!! The memories will continue….
The detail, the expression….
Thank you soooo very much!!!