Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fairy Mouse

Created for Deb
A white mink Fairy / Angel mouse

Deb has named her precious little mouse "Babe"

includes a purse travel box

removable wings are also a necklace with purple beads

surprise! the mouse in it's travel purse will arrive in a cat bag

Features of mouse:
  • hand-stitched vintage minks (Color: off-white)
  • 5 inches standing (4 inches sitting)
  • glass eyes, black
  • leather nose
  • leather ears 
  • gently hand painted details
  • 7 joints, including a double jointed neck and a jointed tail
  •  ultrasuede arms and legs that have been needle-sculpted
  • ultrasuede tail
  • wire armature in arms, legs, and tail
  • stuffing: polyfil, plastic pellets, and a few bbs for weight
  • Includes: pink wing and bead necklace, purse travel box, cat bag