Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ivory White Rabbit

This rabbit was created by Special Request. My white rabbits are rare because my supply of white mink has always been limited so I prefer to save it for my polar bears and pandas ... so this white rabbit is definitely special.

This Rabbit has been ADOPTED and named "Marshmallow"

A very special and unique feature of this rabbit are it's jointed ears !
With just a gentle twist this rabbit's wired ears can be forward or back.
(Unfortunately these will not flop down to "lop ears" because 
this mink pelt is too thick.)

This bunny also has a double jointed neck which allows for a sweet head tilt.

Features of Rabbit:
Hand-stitched  creamy ivory mink
Glass eyes
Leather inner ear and foot pads
Gently hand colored
Rabbit size:
4 1/2 inches high (to top of head)
ears are an additional 3 1/2 inches 
 6 inches long (nose to tail)

Adoption Fee: $325 USD plus shipping
for shipping information please go to:

I am first offering this rabbit to collector who requested it ...
if she declines the offer then I will make it available to all of my collectors.
If you adopt is bunny please let me know what you would like to name her (or him)

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