Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Gray Bunny

This Baby Bunny was created by special request to create a two bunny set 
... with the second bunny to have baby bunny ears.

This Baby Bunny has been ADOPTED ... and named ???

I reduced my "Sweet Little Bunny" pattern by 20%
to create this companion bunny.

Instead of my larger jointed wired ears I gave this bunny
baby ears ... but they swivel because they are still jointed!
You can twist the ears so the leather lining is 
either to the front or to the side which gives the bunny 
a different look with just an easy twist.

Hand-stitched pale gray mink
Glass eyes
Double jointed neck
Leather inner ear and foot pads
Gently hand colored
3 1/2 inches high (not including 1 1/2 inch baby ears) 
and 4 1/2 inches long

Adoption Fee for Baby Bunny: $285 USD plus shipping
for shipping information please go to:
I am first offering this bunny to collectors on my Bunny Waiting List
If you adopt is bunny please let me know what you would like to name her (or him)

This is how the two bunnies look together as a
Mother-Baby set
The baby bunny is a paler gray mink than the mother.

"Bunny in a cup" photos were
my original inspiration for this
bunny pattern.
These bunnies look adorable
when displayed in cups or
other pretty containers.

This is the photo that I used for
inspiration while working on
the baby bunny design

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