Monday, October 26, 2015

Crosscut mink mouse


Just for fun I've added some Halloween props
A spiderweb container
An EEK ornament
A chenille spider
And a Butterfly costume:

I've made Butterfly costumes for my Halloween mice:
Blue Paisley wings that can be worn by mouse with that has adjustable sliding knots,
so wings can be worn snug or loose.

This is a wonderful salt and pepper crosscut mink ... white mink with a sprinkling of black hairs.
These are close-up photos of the hairs
Please note: The photos that were taken inside with lighting (with the white background) show the white hairs to be more ivory but the true color is closer to white.

Features of mouse:
  • hand-stitched vintage minks (Color: Crosscut / white and black)
  • 5 inches standing (4 inches sitting)
  • glass eyes, black
  • leather nose
  • leather ears and tail
  • gently hand painted details
  • 7 joints, including a double jointed neck and a jointed tail
  •  ultrasuede arms and legs that have been needle-sculpted
  • wire armature in arms, legs, and tail
  • stuffing: polyfil, plastic pellets, and a few bbs for weight

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