Monday, July 27, 2015

Custom Mink Mouse

for Dee ...

The mouse's ears are down now but I can tack them in an "up" position if Dee prefers. You can see that I have the ears pinned up (with straight pins with red heads) ... Dee will have to let me know how she prefers her mouse's ears.

Dee requested the ears to be up ... so adorable with ears up.

Features of mouse:
  • hand-stitched vintage minks (Color: light brown)
  • 5 inches standing (4 inches sitting)
  • glass eyes, black
  • leather nose and ears
  • ultrasuede tail
  • gently hand painted details
  • 7 joints, including a double jointed neck and a jointed tail
  •  ultrasuede arms and legs that have been needle-sculpted
  • wire armature in arms, legs, and tail
  • stuffing: polyfil, plastic pellets, and a few bbs for weight
Dee decided that her mouse needed ears up!

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