Sunday, June 28, 2015

Custom Teddy #3619

This is the final teddy from a series of three that have been created over the past six months. The other two are #3599 (December 2014) and #3615 (April 2015). This final teddy and blankets are from the remnants.

Teddy stands 13 inches tall

Check List of customized requests:

I was sent these two photos of two of my One-Of-A-Kind teddies as reference for preferences ... with additional requests for:
  1.  a cream mink face (not white)
  2.  light ultrasuede paw pads
  3. trapundo paw pads with 5 toes
  4. shape of paw pads same as in photo
  5. a mink heart on chest but inset (not applique)
  6. heart to be cream mink (not white)
  7. size similar to 13 1/2 inch teddies made previously
  8. 3 mink blankets from left-over mink with lining as backing
  9. use garment initials and monogram on blankets

As you can see from the photos all of the above requests have been met. 

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