Monday, January 12, 2015

Large Mink Puppy

This is one of my large mink puppies that was created by Special Request.

I used one of my favorite minks for this puppy ... Crosscut mink ...
which is a white mink with back spots and back hairs scattered randomly in the white.
Please note: Crosscut mink is a rare mink to find ... this is a ONE OF A KIND puppy.
I will not accept any other Special Requests for another Crosscut mink puppy because I just don't
have anymore vintage crosscut mink and I don't have the time to search for any.

Embroidered, waxed, sculpted and sealed nose

This puppy is wearing a removable collar with a glass heart

6 joints including a double jointed neck

glass eyes with white ultrasuede sclera
gently hand painted details

Molly (photos below) was the inspiration for using this crosscut mink
and placing the back hairs on the back.

This puppy is 8 inches sitting
and 10 inches standing
with ultrasuede trapunto paw pads

This puppy can also stand on all fours


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