Saturday, November 8, 2014

Custom Order for Kathy

I finally finished with this custom order!  I was looking forward to finishing this order because this was the last custom order request that I received in 2013.

Now I am starting on the orders received in 2014 ... finally!

I'm still running about a year behind on my custom orders but I'm almost caught up because I didn't take in as many custom order requests this year as I did for 2013.

But next I'm working on the orders that I promised for Christmas.

This is another Mother-Daughter set, which seems to be one of my most popular pattern requests for Custom Orders ... and one of my favorites to make!

Features of the Mother-Daughter set:
~ Hand-stitched vintage mink ~
~ Mother bear stands 12 inches tall ~
~ Daughter bear stands 10 inches tall ~
~ Interior is lined for extra durability ~
~ Glass eyes ~
~ Gently hand-painted details ~
~ Embroidered, waxed and sealed nose ~
~ Wire armature in arms and legs for gentle posing ~
~ 6 joints including a double jointed neck which allows for an adorable head tilt ~
~ Paw pads from the mink stole's lining ~
~ Includes a bonus: a small monogramed "quilt" also from the lining ~

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