Thursday, August 28, 2014

Custom Heirloom Mink Puppy

Custom Heirloom Puppy for Terry

Since I was only making one puppy from Terry's heirloom
mink stole I decided to make a larger puppy. So I enlarged
my Companion Puppy pattern ... you can see the difference
in the two photos below.

This is a larger version of my Companion Puppy.
The same teddy is in both photos so you can see the size difference.
This is an example of my
original smaller puppy pattern that was
a companion for my teddy bears.

Puppy can also stand on all fours

I used the stole's floral lining for the paw pads, the ear lining, and a quilt
with the monogram from the lining.

Features of this puppy: 

8 inches sitting
10 inches standing
glass eyes with white ultrasuede sclera
paw pads and ear lining from stole's lining
embroidered, waxed and sealed sculpted nose
wire armature in arms and legs
6 joints, including a double jointed neck (for a charming head tilt)

Another successful adoption ... Hooray! "LuLu 2" has been welcomed into her loving new home:
Lulu 2 has arrived and is absolutely darling! We love her! 
Your workmanship is amazing. Lulu 2's painted details are truly masterful. 
The addition of the little blanket from the mink stole's lining with 
my mother's name on it is just a wonderful and thoughtful touch. 
Thank you so much! 

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