Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Custom Teddy

This is a Custom Teddy for Dee.

It includes a monogram quilt (of the owner of the mink stole)  from the mink stole lining.
The quilt is hand-sewn and has a surprise ... I left the original pocket attached,
this will be a good place to "hide" special little treasures.
The paw pads are also from the mink lining.

 I used my "Hearts and Flowers" teddy bear pattern
(this is the same pattern that I used to make my "Pretty in Pink" Teddy.
I didn't give this teddy any flowers but I could not resist giving each foot pad
a tapunto heart.

This teddy stands 10 inches tall.
6 joints including a double jointed neck.
The nose is embroidered, waxed, and sealed.
Gently hand-painted detailing.
Glass eyes.
This teddy is completely hand-sewn.

Personally this teddy reminds me of Pooh Bear.
You can't see it so much in the photos
but in person the color, big tummy, small paws, and 
the charming head ... just made me think of Pooh Bear.

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