Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Custom Order ... 8 teddies

First 4 teddies
of an 8 teddy bear
Custom Order

For this custom order the teddy pattern that I used was a pattern that I designed in the mid-1990s and it remains to be one of my favorite patterns. I named the pattern "Brody" and this is actually the teddy bear  pattern that was featured in the book "The World's Most Lovable Bears" by Stephen Cronk. This teddy is 10 inches tall, glass eyes, embroidered waxed and sealed nose. For the custom teddies I use the lining for the paw pads. 

The remaining 4 teddies are each about half way
completed but I have some other custom orders that
have deadlines ... so I need to stop working on this order for now 
but will get back to this order after I've met my other deadline orders.

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