Sunday, January 5, 2014

Birthday Panda

Special Request
Birthday Panda

includes a special request necklace:
removable leather poinsettia necklace

Sorry, this panda has already been adopted by the collector who requested it.
she named her panda "L'Chaim", which means life,
recognizing that life is indeed good and precious and should always be
celebrated and savored

Features of this panda:

This panda design is bigger and rounder than my previous panda patterns.
This is the same pattern that I used for "Da Lan" Panda that I offered 
in October 2013 with a Halloween theme...this is a new pattern for me
This panda stands 11 inches tall.
The paw pads are sheared mink.
Brown imported glass eyes.
6 joints including a double jointed neck.
Embroidered, waxed, and sealed nose
Vintage minks are dark brown and off white

Happy Birthday!

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