Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Kewpie Bear Too" (gray)

Kewpie Bear Too (Gray)
has become a "traveling teddy" ...
because it was returned to me by the collector who adopted it in the online show.
But, never fear, this adorable little teddy found a new loving home
in less than a blink of an eye !!!

I did some minor adjustments and these are updated 
photos of Kewpie Bear Too (gray):

This is the Kewpie Bear Too arriving back to me.
The first adoptive mom complained that
Kewpie Bear Too had eyes that were too loose.
The eyes looked okay but when I pulled
on them they were loose enough to pull
out a little ... it only took a couple of minutes
and some strong thread to tighten up the eyes.

Kewpie Bear Too's new mom is delighted to welcome this teddy into her home !

This teddy is a one of a kind teddy
created exclusively for 

Thank you to all who voted my teddy as the  Show Favorite !!!

  • 6 inches (standing)
  • 5 joints
  • ultrasuede paw pads
  • wears a Kewpie charm (little girl)
  • glass eyes
  • embroidered, waxed, and sealed nose
  • gently painted and shaded details
  • hand stitched gray mink
  • #3536

This teddy was quickly adopted in the show

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