Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Springtime Bunny

Sweet Little Bunny

It's Springtime !!!
It's Easter time !!!
It's bunny time !!!

Sorry ... this lucky bunny was quickly ADOPTED
and named "Hopsalot"

A very special and unique feature of this bunny are it's jointed ears !
With just a gentle twist this bunny can have lop ears or straight ears.
The ears are also wired for a cute ear end flop.
This bunny also has a double jointed neck which allows for a sweet head tilt.

To celebrate Spring this bunny has a floral garland to wear.

Hand-stitched light brown vintage mink
Glass eyes
Ultrasuede inner ear and foot pads
Gently handpainted
4 inches high (not including ears) and 5 inches long

Sorry ... this bunny was quickly ADOPTED
Adoption Fee: $295 USD plus shipping
for shipping information please go to:

If you adopt is bunny please let me know what you would like to name her (or him)

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