Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finally finished ...

Three Bear Custom Order

Thank you, Kent, for being so incredibly patient. I actually started this Custom Order around Christmas but was unable to finish before the end of the year. Then I was totally distracted with repairs on our poor old house for just about all of January which really got me off my work schedule.

As a "thank you" I've made a couple of little extra treats to go with your teddies...

Three Bear Custom Order
A large "Sweetheart Teddy"
And a Mother-Daughter Brown Bear set

13 inch "Sweetheart Teddy" with a heart-shaped chest blaze
To balance the color I gave this teddy a mink face
the same color as the chest blaze
Each bear has "Love You Forever" embroidered on it's foot
The paw pads are created from the coat's lining
Each bear has 6 joints including a double jointed neck
Wire armature in arms and legs for gentle posing.
The body of this Sweetheart Teddy is completely
filled with plastic pellets for a wonderful soft
feel and good weight.
As with all of my bears this one has glass eyes,
an embroidered, waxed, and sealed nose.
and has gently hand-painted details.

As a little bonus I've made little heart pillows for the teddies.
They were crafted from the coat's lining and
velvet pocket lining.
One heart has the coat's monogram.
The other heart has the coat's label.

Extras with these teddies:
Off-white mink face
Off-white mink heart blaze
Two heart pillows from coat lining
Embroidered "Love You Forever" on feet

Kent, I hope these heirloom teddies will be treasured by your children as a loving memento of their late mother. Thank you for trusting me with your late wife's precious mink coat.

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